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About the Blog
Sterlizie is the blog by Francesca Basile. Launched on 4 November 2013, it is meant to tell stories of new talents and contemporary aesthetics with the typical personal view of a blog and at the same time, with the careful study of the contents and the editorial approach of a magazine. Sterlizie is mainly about Fashion, with a focus on young designers and independent brands. The most important fashion houses are – of course – a point of reference from which to draw inspiration primarily through campaigns, video, transversal projects. On Sterlizie you will also find hints of Art and Design, Lifestyle and Digital Culture. If the theme of the blog is the beauty and the originality of the handled subjects, its purpose is certainly a consequence: the need to share them.


About me
My name is Francesca Basile. I was born in 1987 in Milan, a city that I love / hate (like all the Milanese!) and in which I live. I have a classical education and I am graduated in Media Design. I have three years experience as a Content & Community Manager in an innovative startup of social commerce. I love beautiful things. I love nature, night, parties, networking, writing, live. Sterlizie is my blog.

Sterlizie Blog

Short story of the flower called sterlizie
Sterlizie is the plural for sterlizia, which is the italian name for the beautiful tropical flower known as Bird Of Paradise or Crane Flower, due to its particular shape. In the language of flowers it indicates nobility and greatness, the name derives from the wife of George III of England, Charlotte of Mecklenburg – Sterlitz. This flower is suitable to be donated to men, and its colors have a unique palette: yellow, orange, red, pink, fuchsia, purple, blue. >> If you’d like to contact me, please visit This Page.


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