Antonio Mora’s surreal art: hybrid and dreamlike photographs

Antonio Mora 2

I have always believed that beauty can take multiple shapes. But when we have it before our eyes, it’s impossible not to acknowledge it: whichever shape it takes, it hits the heart and the mind with emotions that are always recognizable. It’s what I felt when I first saw the hybrid images by Antonio Mora.
 hybrid pictures art

Antonio Mora is a Spanish creative with many years of experience as an art director. What I think it happened to him, as it happens to all who are gifted with a particular talent and artistic sensibility, is that after some time the natural evolution of things brought him to change from a designer to an artist. Fantasy, ability (and need) of expressing himself, beauty: everything and more shines through these elaborated images. Antonio Mora hybrid pictures

These are not exaclty photographs: Antonio Mora creates his images by mixing together photographs and images found in blogs, magazines and everywhere his inspiration takes him, giving birth to explosive visual mixes with a great expressive power.

He talks about himself as a “someone who makes cocktails”, and really, try one and you’ll want more; these photographs remind of known flavors and yet they still leave a mysterious halo that push at our curiosity.
Antonio Mora hybrid pictures art

Faces and landscapes, natural elements and elements born from the human’s mind, mix without a solution of continuity, giving birth to an enchanting yet deep dreamlike imaginary.
Antonio Mora 4 Antonio Mora 5 Antonio Mora hybrid pictures art  hybrid pictures art Antonio Mora 8 face mountains Antonio Mora 10

But now no more words are needed. Let these images inspire you and take their beauty with you as a companion!

translated by Martina Basile

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