Xmas tree decorations by Patience Brewster will make you smile

Patricia Brewster Xmas ornaments 2013 2014 Xmas tree decorations I know many people who are not interested in Christmas at all, in fact, some of them just can’t wait for the holidays to pass. It is not difficult to understand: looking from the outside everything could look as a great commercial plot. So I think the beauty of Christmas should be sought instead in the small things: everyday pleasures that make us feel again the sensation of crackling fire and sweets. It’s good to allow yourself to dream, sometimes! Xmas tree decorations by Patience Brewster make exactly this effect to me: I do love more Christmas. They are too funny!

Patricia Brewster Xmas deer

Reindeers with ballet slippers and candles on the horns, lovely pigs skating, eggplant-men and long-legged elves and, of course, Santa Claus! These ornaments are so collectible! I recently bought a nice little dog-elf, who is hanging on the ceiling throughout the year for good luck. Patricia Brewster Xmas pigs decorazioni per l'albero di NataleIf you want to give a smile to someone during the holidays (and beyond), give them some handmade Xmas tree decorations by Patience Brewster. It will awaken the imagination.

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