Fashion Films to watch: Miu Miu Women’s Tales

Miu Miu Women's Tales fashion films Women talking about women: in this way we can easily describe, going to the heart of the project, the series of short films Miu Miu Women’s Tales. They have already become a cult and now count 8 signed episodes that with no doubt you should all watch. Another great hit by Miuccia Prada, excellent player in celebrating the feminine.

These Short films are directed by recognized international filmmakers, each distinguished by her style. The result is expressed through eight different stories that stand out individually with their own language and make up together, like pearls on a necklace, a precious and attractive view on women’s world.

This view is intimate and universal at the same time, as Miu Miu Women’s Tales deal with the peculiar issues of a woman’s life – going from the beauty and the importance of taking care of ourself to deeper values such as friendship and family.

The question that these short films seem to ask is: what does it really mean to be a woman? Is it about showing or about appearance, or is it about imaging, or just being? Knowing that the authors are all women, of course you’d think that each of them is wide aware of how the personality of a women can be multi-faceted.

Miu Miu Women's Tales Somebody fashion filmFind below the titles of the eight short films that explore the complex and mild universe of women:

• The Powder Room by Zoe Cassavetes (subtly dramatic)
• Muta by Lucrecia Martel (beautiful, a bit disturbing!)
• The Woman Dress by Giada Colagrande (for who loves witches)
• It’s Getting Late by Massy Tadjedin (“fashion is never just the clothes”)
• The Door by Ava DuVernay (a celebration of friendship)
• Le Donne Della Vucciria by Hiam Abbass (Sicilian style and tradition)
• Spark and Light by So Yong Kim (dreamy, but in a realist way)
• Somebody by Miranda July (in some ways terrifying, but brilliant)

The seventh and the eighth episode of the series of short movie Miu Miu Women’s Tales were presented at the 71st Venice Film Festival: when movies meets fashion, art takes on many shapes and forms!

Personally, my favorites short films are It’s Getting Late and Somebody, that you can watch right now below (recommended!)

You can find the others on the website and on the Youtube channel of Miu Miu. Discover them calmly and do not forget to let me know in the comments below which short film you like most!

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