Bint Thani turbans: 1 model for 7 styles

Bint Thani turbans Khulood Thani is a designer from Dubai who in 2012, after years of experience in the events and in the creative industry, created the fashion line Bint Thani launching a stunning collection of turbans.

Deep passion for fashion, attention to detail and strong business sense: in this way a new trend is identified and spread! Khulood focused on a particular accessory – the turban, indeed – considering it more as a product to design than just as part of a wardrobe. This is how the collection “The 7+ styles turban” was born: the same model, declined in 7 different colors, is proposed with many different styling options. The emblem of versatility!

Bint Thani PLUM Bint Thani turbans Bint Thani turban BLACK

Bint Thani’s collection “The 7+ Styles Turban” is meant to meet contemporary aesthetics in all aspects: design, fabrics and color selection. As I said, with only one model, you can create up to 7 variants – all extremely functional and pleasant, due to the mix between shiny satin and matte satin. Pick the color you love most: fuchsia, lemon yellow, turquoise, plum, dark green, brown and black.

Bint Thani turban GREENBROWN turbanCYAN hat

For the designer the main inspiration comes from art, culture and history of fashion.The roots of this line of turbans are to be drawn in Paris in the Roaring Twenties, during the 20s of XX century: turbans were popular accessories at the time, which reflected the eastern influence of the Ottoman Empire on the Paris fashion scene.Bint Thani PINK

This collection in particular is very much focused on the functionality of the design, whereby the design is offering us different ways to be styled for different occasions, purely simple, yet a contemporary design. Today, turbans are becoming an essential piece of style; travel packing is never complete without at least one turban. To sustain the classiness of the turban line, they are made mainly from satin luxurious fabric.
Bint Thani

So, do not be put off by the uniqueness of the object, by the precious fabrics or by the light colors: off the shyness, say yes to a touch of style and originality for this fall / winter. Say yes to Bint Thani turbans!

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