Bonomea bags: inside the new showroom

Bonomea borse showroom

Opening the showroom of a brand at the first collection during Milan fashion week can be a winning move or a risky one: in the myriad of events on the calendar, there is a chance that the public may choose other well-known names. How glad I am not having done it myself, along with many other lucky people who attended to the opening of the new Bonomea space!


The launch of the collection of Bonomea bags is still impressed in my mind as a flawless event, especially for the good vibrations it left to me. The ample yet minimal space was made ​​familiar by a warm, clean exposure of the models. The hosts of the event – both the brand and the press office – were full of attentions to me and everything has been set perfectly for the launch of the new made ​​in Italy brand.

Borse Bonomea e Francesca di SterlizieBonomea-borsa-mantide-nera

The rigor of the lines characterizes the Bonomea bags, created by designer Andrea Ciccolo following a philosophy inspired by craftsmanship and contemporary aesthetics. Among the models stand Mantis (above) and Baby Barracuda (in the foreground in the second photo). The common thread of the collection is developed through the cut edges in vivo, the volumes and geometries inspired by the sculpture, the thicknesses.

Andrea Ciccolo Designer di BonomeaClutch bonomea

A surprise of the Bonomea collection is definitely the silver jewelry line. What a lovely find to see the same design of the bag Mantis in a precious pendant!

bonomea per sterlizie blog

Last but not least, a special mention to the small leather accessories. Every time I look at the kind gift that I received – a simple but valuable cards holder – I know that each piece from Bonomea brings in it wisdom and care, uniqueness and tradition, far away from the fashion approvals, in the continuos search for an end result that is almost a work of art.

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