Camo, the men’s brand by Stefano Ughetti Made In Biella

Camo Stefano Ughetti Dinner Collection 1

You know that feeling when you know you have to do something but you decide to wait for the right moment, and then that moment comes? I would not know how to explain it but I’m sure this is the right moment to tell you about Camo on Sterlizie.
Camo Stefano Ughetti Dinner Collection

Those of you who pay more attention to the independent branch of the Italian fashion world, should already know Stefano Ughetti’s men’s brand from Biella – and this could also point out that I waited too much. Anyway, this is how it went: almost two years ago I discovered a very peculiar brand of men’s socks (if you are curious: here) and when I was finishing, behind a door, there was Stefano Ughetti, elegant, super polite and smiling. He left me his business card and I had lately found out that the location I went to was actually his showroom. From that time, I’ve started following online the evolutions (and what evolutions!) of his brand “made in Biella”.

CAMO: call it camouflage

Born in 1974 in Biella, Stefano Ughetti started his career in a factory of house fabrics and then ten years later, in 2005, he lunches “Superstar”, a concept store of menswear that will eventually become the creative studio of CAMO, born in 2007.

The purpose is not to dress people, but to put them in touch with what they wear.

Stefano Ughetti

Stefano Ughetti designer Camo

And now hold your breath: what are you going to read now is the journey, step after step, that bring us to today.

Between 2009 and 2011, he participated to several editions of Pitti Uomo and Who’s Next, showcasing in Florence, Milano and Paris. In July 2012, during the edition of Riccione Moda Italia, CAMO debuted with his first defile soon after followed, in September and October, by the fashion shows for the events OnStage organized by Milano Unica in Shangai and Milan.

He came back to Pitti in 2013 and he designed the official uniform for the Mongolian national team at the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi. In 2014 he was selected by The Woolmark as the European finalist for the new edition of the International Woolmark Prize and was invited as a guest to the second edition of the Kapok event in Guangzhou, China where was showcased the SS15 Flight Collection. In September of the same year, for the anniversary of OnStage, he launched his collection through an installation at 10 Corso Como in Milan. In October, he was asked to participate at the first edition of the Global Denim Awards as the representative of Italy, flanked by the Candiani Denim company. In December, he has started his counseling as a creative director for the menswear Subalpino in China.
Camo Arrivo Collection fw15 In January 2015, for the event Pitti Uomo 87, Stefano Ughetti (Camo) alongside Matteo Gioli (SuperDuper Hats) came back to Florence as Pitti Italics, with a performance-event to showcase, as a first preview, the men’s collection Arrivo, their first four-hands project, born from the communal and familiar passion for the cycling world. The FW15 CAMO collection takes inspiration from the theme of dinner as a social moment and it is called Dinner.

You came this far? Good, because I don’t know about you, but I personally can’t wait to see where else will go the talent of Stefano Ughetti made in Italy – sorry, made in Biella.


translated by Martina Basile

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