Chanel Xmas film with Cara Delevingne and Pharrell Williams

Chanel Xmas film reincarnation video

On Sterlizie blog I often tell you about fashion films: I love them! Those produced by big brands usually stand out for exploring specific themes with special projects, but at the end of the year they come out with a well known topic. Someone has made it big: for the Chanel Xmas film, the histrionic Karl Lagerfeld wanted his unfailing muse Cara Delevingne together with the prodigious Midas of music, Pharrell Williams.

The video is called “Reincarnation” and was launched in preview on Chanel’s website on Monday, 1st December 2014. It is designed to accompany the Métiers d’Art Collection 2014/15, a Pret-à-Porter collection – off the calendar – that since 2002 celebrates the exceptional savoir-faire of the craftsmen linked to the Maison Chanel, which is presented today, 2nd December, in Salzburg. Guess the title? Nothing less than Paris-Salzburg.

No wonder that the soundtrack, called CC The World is composed by Pharrell himself, and then executed along with Cara Delevingne.

Chanel Xmas film reincarnation  cara delevingneChanel Xmas film reincarnation pharrell williams  fashion video by karl lagerfeld

Let’s talk about the video: if the two famous protagonists were obviously chosen to focus global attention on the event, it must be said that despite the magnificent costumes they do not look very credible as royals (indeed they interpret the role of Princess Sissi and Emperor Franz Joseph) and not even very practical in the main dance scene. This lack may be forgotten as they start with more modern and funny moves, with which they clearly feel at ease, although the effect is a little grotesque.

I think that Pharrell is much more expressive when he interprets the lift-boy – and there, there we understand the real goal of Chanel Xmas Film.

Chanel Xmas film reincarnation pharrell williams

Let’s go back to the mid-nineteenth century, when Salzburg and the Austrian Tyrol had become popular destinations for a certain elite of artists and cultured people. In the early 1930, Gabrielle Chanel used to spend some time in the ski resort of St Moritz, and there is where she met the Baron Hubert von Pantz, a dashing Austrian aristocrat. Elegant and courteous, he had all the features to fascinate Coco Chanel. They had a relationship for two years. He bought the castle of Schloss Mittersill and turned it into a prestigious luxury hotel. Schloss Mittersill was “the place to be”. Among its guests there were the Duke of Gramont and the Marquise de Polignac, but also artists such as Marlene Dietrich, Douglas Fairbanks and Cole Porter, all attracted by the refined hotel and its traditional character.

It was in Mittersill that Gabrielle Chanel noticed the impeccable jackets worn by the lift operators of the hotel. A garment that she would remember in the early fifties, when she created the iconic Chanel suit jacket. The same jacket worn in 1961 by her friend, the famous Austrian actress Romy Schneider, who in 1955 played Princess Sissi on the big screen. Everything is connected, isn’t it?

Now, be honest with me: what do you really think of the video, the costumes, the soundtrack, but most of all of he story? In this last factor I think we can find the true beauty of this Christmas video by Chanel directed by Karl Lagerfeld. Chanel Xmas film reincarnation pharrell geraldine chapline karl lagerfeldPS: the actress who plays Coco is Geraldine Chaplin. Beautiful!

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