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Christian Correnti Papillon black

The accessories for women and even more for men – or at least those born to be – are experiencing a glorious moment. Socks, but also hats and bow ties: thanks to a new wave of talent determined to revive the Italian craftsmanship, a certain type of audience is slowly rediscovering the love for beautiful things and a way of approaching fashion that does not regards trends or phenomena imposed by the mass media. It’s about the care of ourselves and the pleasure to entrust what we are wearing the exterior message of our personality. Christian Correnti, with his bow ties made to perfection, is among the protagonists of this silent revolution.

Christian Correnti designer papillon

Il designer di papillon Christian Correnti

With a degree in literature and a varied working history, Christian Correnti made his first important experience in the fashion business working at famous boutique Luisaviaroma in Florence. This is where he started to conceive the idea of creating a unique and special accessory to distinguis himself: he started experimenting using different materials – from the pieces of paper which he had at hand to the objects found in flea markets. Velvet, steel, leather, wood, plastic, rubber, fabric: all recycled materials brought to life in the form of a bow tie (following, whether conscious or not, the philosophy of upcycling) and supplemented with detailed decorations that are the final touch of the artist-craftsman and at the same time are the expression of a soul among the most sensitive to the idea of beauty.

Christian Correnti Papillon cameo Christian Correnti Papillon donna papillon dentiAfter collaboration with fashion designer and artist Angelo Cruciani more people begin to notice the work of Christian. More conscious of his creative potential, Christian Correnti is now presenting his second collection of bow ties. Here it is described with the designer’s own words.

This latest collection is a body of cross references, of fading memories with perfect contours, of new and different tracks. It is made of old materials that were once new. Of liquified music in unlikely folds. Of contemporary splendour. Smiles, slow and fast food. The red thread is ‘the absurd’,the thought that goes beyond logic. This is what besieges me this autumn. The endearment. The snow. The desire for lavish parlours. Spring constrained in a vase. An invite to the ball. A cameo worn round a woman’s neck. Precious stones, horns of plenty and shining black. Repeated golden geometric decorations. Silverware. Food. Grotesque and perfect like Gogol’s novels. This is how I would like my next winter.
A very intimate collection, a coming together of awesome suggestions that in the end will form a theme. The theme of the instant. Created from unlikely combinations of vinyl,brass, silver and resins. Silk and flannel.

Christian Correnti Papillon geomtric Christian Correnti bow tieChristian Correnti bow tiesChristian Correnti bow ties fw 15I met Christian for the first time in a summer evening, among the tables of a milanese cocktail bar. He was wearing one of his bow tie, he was right at the beginning of the project – and I remember asking him if it was from another brand!  What a tremendous blunder 😉 Today I think of how great it is to see how creativity can grow with commitment and dedication: to those who have talent, as Christian Correnti, I suggest to cultivate it as much as they can.

PS: The bow ties in these last two pictures are definitely my favorites: can you tell me which one is yours?

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