Coco Fennell: lovely pop dresses from London also perfect for Halloween

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Coco Fennell is one of those stories that I really like to tell. A story of those born in a flat and ended up around the world: this independent brand was created from scratch in 2011 in Shoreditch (London) and today, also thanks to the web and the e-commerce, is a well known name recognizable for its key shapes and distinctive prints.

Coco Fennell amazing cards long dress

See what the designer, Coco, says about her philosophy:

When it comes to dress making I want to work with the female body, not against it, and make clothes for boobs, hips, bums and waists

Don’t you already love her? These dresses enhance the shapes in a natural way, with an unmistakable touch of 50s-style e a fine pop irreverence that catches your eye: Coco Fennell’s collections are playful and joyful. To say it in one word: irresistible!

Coco Fennell Red BirdsCoco Fennell black long dressCoco Fennell redCocoBoogie4

I won’t hide that many of the looks from this fw 14-15 by Coco Fennell are particularly suited to the most important event of October – yes, I’m referring to the Halloween night. Leave at home those cheap costumes (no sexy nurse or everything-except-than-sexy-witch) and imagine yourself in one of these wonderful outfits. Then just add some scary accessories and… you will be the queen of the party!

Coco Fennell short dress cards printCoco Fennell blue short heartsCoco Fennell Short dress tigers

You can find a lot of inspiration in the pictures from the lookbook. Short dresses or long dresses, in black and red to show a strong and passionate personality or in the pastel tones for a softer mood, or even, with prints borrowed from the world of cards or from the flirty 70s.

Coco Fennell seventies print

In addition, if you like the pop genre, I recommend you take a look at Coco Fennell collaboration with Karen Mabon, for these beautiful, out of the ordinary scarves.


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