Creative couples: We Made Shawls by Leendert Meets Ingrid

Leendert Meets Ingrid  we-made-shawlsIt happens to me more and more often to come to know of couples who work together, sharing business, as well as life. It can be a hard and tiring challenge for many, but I noticed that this particular situation works better for pairs operating in the  creative field.
I wrote before about a creative couple in the post on Herbarium Pernowka. Today I’m going to tell you about another duo whose name suggest great things – Leendert Meets Ingrid – and whose name of the project speaks for itself: We Made Shawls.leendert meets ingrid portret We Made Shawls is a small but valuable collection of illustrated silk scarves. It is the latest project of this  Dutch couple whose motto is Live to Love, Love to Work. They are both illustrators and graphic designers with twenty years of career: Leendert often works with magazines and cultural events, combining humor to a more serious approach, while Ingrid stands for feminine traits that blend well with fashion magazine and with book covers with and elegant mood. Here are my favorite works taken from the portfolio of each one:Leendert illustration Nina Simone

glamour-illustratie-ingrid bockting


Leendert Meets Ingrid: We Made Shawls

We can say that the project We Made Shawls is part of the trend of recovering small production of high quality with artisanal care to details. The research of the know-how, along with the enhancement of specialized local laboratories, give rise to unique pieces, perhaps destined to a niche audience, but who certainly appreciate the story behind a particular object and recognize the added value in it. In this sense we can talk of art to wear. we made shawls foxy lady copyshopshawlsbeetletotal1-540x772 Six original designs by Leendert Meets Ingrid decorate these 100% silk scarves in which the illustrations are central and are distinguished by a retro style combined with modern techniques, creating an elegant effect with a touch of humor.we made shawls flamingo's barwe made shawls cat For the choice of materials, the research of aesthetics and the care of the realization, these are essentially luxury products, even if they are still accessible, with a timeless value. On the online Shop you will find both the We Made Shaws collection and a selection of other works (such as prints or kitchen accessories) by Leendert Meets Ingrid.1shopshawlssherlocktotal1-540x772we made shawls the raceThe names chosen for the models of these shawls are quite intriguing: Flamingo’s Cocktailbar, Miss Sherlock, The Cat, Beetles, The Race and Foxy Lady. Which one is your favourite?

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