CuteCircuit: when wearable technology really means fashion

The Eiza Dress by CuteCircuit

Wearable technology: does it seem like a weird word? These days it shouldn’t, just think about the Apple Watch. As usual, innovation comes to the general public in the form of masses’ product after that it was designed, tested and evolved by those that we generally label as pioneers: sure is, pioneers with the same style as CuteCircuit aren’t many!

Grand Finale AW 15 CuteCircuit RTW Fashion Show at NYFW

Grand Finale AW 15 CuteCircuit RTW Fashion Show at NYFW. Photo courtesy of CuteCircuit, photographer Theodoros Chliapas

CuteCircuit is a fashion-house, internationally known, that since his debut in 2004, pushed itself to the limits of experimentations in the field of the wearable technology, becoming a leader in the interactive fashion thanks to the introduction of revolutionary ideas such as the implementation of beauty and functionality in “clever fabrics” and microelectronics. Clothes that changes color when you receive a tweet, that can be charged through a USB or that react to direct lightening. Or, shirts that give us the possibility to hug our distant friends.

The Sparkle Booties by CuteCircuit

The Sparkle Booties by CuteCircuit. Photo courtesy of CuteCircuit, photographer Fernanda Calfat (Getty Images Entertainment)

Based in London, CuteCircuit is managed by Francesca Rosella and Ryan Genz, a designer duo who set up the production of each piece of clothing on the basis of high quality standards and ethical processes that are, at the same time, technologically advanced.

The incredible creations by CuteCircuit (that has several famous fans, such as Katy Perry) are definitely suitable to be wore comfortably and designed to last: not only thanks to the high quality materials, but also because they can be constantly updated through a mobile App. Therefore, no “scheduled junking” as often happens to our beloved smartphones.

The Mirror Handbag by CuteCircuit

The Mirror Handbag by CuteCircuit. Photo courtesy of CuteCircuit, photographer Theodoros Chliapas

At CuteCircuit we believe that in the future all the devices that we carry with us today, such as mobile phones, photo cameras, and wrist watches, will disappear and any functionality will become embedded into our clothes. This is because garments are the natural interface between the wearer and the environment that surrounds them. Our garments are a second skin that connects us to people and places in a more emotionally engaging manner. The future of fashion is as a surface for personal expression. Francesca Rosella & Ryan Genz

I’m sure I was able to pick at your curiosity sufficiently: now just enjoy the fall winter 2015-16 runway by  CuteCircuit in the video below!

If you want to learn more about it, I recommend visiting their website

Translated by Martina Basile

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