Fantabody: Carolina Amoretti’s collection of sporty and erotic bodysuits

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For real women, from a real woman. This is not just the usual advertisement slogan but the reality of an idea born from the Italian fashion photographer and cool girl, Carolina Amoretti (based in Milan) who was able to mix femininity, independency and sex appeal in a new brand which is also a declaration of lifestyle! Are you ready to be captivated by Fantabody?
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Fantabody is a capsule collection of sporty and definitely erotic bodysuits. There are 4 models inspired by four girls – all friends: Valentina, Erika, Carolina and Giusi. Real women and that is why the bodies are designed basing them on more or less generous curves but indeed real and not idealized.
Fantabody Carolina AmorettiFantabody Carolina Amoretti-8Fantabody Carolina Amoretti-16Fantabody Carolina AmorettiFantabody Carolina Amoretti-11 Shape, body and dynamism merge in a concept that changes from swimwear and clothing to lingerie depending on the specific fabric that was used: lycra matt, satin or chenille and stretch velvet. The colors remind of sunsets: navy blue, white, grey, lilac, orange. The patterns are tempting and eye catching – it seems like you are watching one of those big and colored lollipops from the ‘50s; some of them remind of those high cut legs Olympic swimsuits with revealing shapes, others are two-pieces or minimal one-shoulders and others have a turtleneck.

For the making, Carolina sought the collaboration of the Italian modeler Valentina Poletti.

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Just a few months old, the Fantabody project is already gaining a lot of attention: during the Milan Fashion Week, in September, we will see collaboration with Inner (a sportswear Shop in Pasquale Paoli street, Milan) where Carolina and her partner will launch and sell a new fall version of the collection. In addition, Fantabody will be soon covered by the online store specialized in lingerie, Woovo Store – which Sterlizie can’t wait to introduce you!
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Have you looked at something pleasant for a change? I am sure of one thing: I want a FANTABODY to wear in my daily life but, above all, as a part of my most refined outfits!


translated by Martina Basile

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