Flor Amazona jewels: the new Glamazon from Colombia

Flor amazona jewels patchwork

As this winter in Italy is unusually sunny and mild, I want to keep the mood. Today I bring you straight into a paradise of sun, South America, on a journey through the lush Amazon rainforest, the wild deserts and the tribal art of populations such as Wayuu and Embera. All this thanks to Flor Amazona, the jewelery brand of Colombian designer Ana Maria Sarmiento.tropical Bangle Flora Amazona Bangle Flor Amazona bracelet Bangle Flora Amazona flowers Bangle Flora Amazona frogs I discovered the kaleidoscopic enameled bangles by Flora Amazona during an event organized by Amusing Gold, a digital platform that gives voice to the protagonists of the world of contemporary jewelery. What struck me about this collection is the pulsating energy of life imprinted in the fantasies of each piece: you can hear the rain passing through the branches of the forest, the rays of the sun exploding on stunning scenery, you can capture the impressive diversity and beauty of the flowers and exotic animals.

And then of course there are my favorite flowers… the bird of paradise!  😉 Flor Amazona bangles by Ana Maria Sarmiento

Bring out your inner Glamazon is the claim of Flora Amazona: a perfect way to express the fact that in these bracelets you will find all the timeless and primordial beauty of nature. Each unique piece, made in Colombia, is then distributed through a worldwide network of retailers and online stores.Flor amazona precolombian jewels 2

The juxtaposition of traditional, vivid Colombian elements infused with modern, chic features is what gives FLOR AMAZONA its distinct edge. Ana Maria Sarmiento

In addition to the enamel bangles you will then find jewels inspired by traditional Colombian woven art and gold-plated earrings and rings with a exotic pre-Columbian flavor.
Flor amazona precolombian jewels 2Orecchini stile precolombiano Flora Amazona Orecchini stile precolombiano Flora Amazona 2

So if you love nature, tropical patterns and new international talents of design, Flor Amazona is a name to keep an eye on!

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