FORMA jewelry for Sterlizie blog: story of a special ring

Francesca-Basile-Sterlizie-BlogThis to me is a very special post and hopefully it will for you too! Today I’m going to tell you the story of Israeli jewelry designer Galit Barak and her brand FORMA – and of the way her path has crossed with mine and that of my blog Sterlizie.

Some time ago I received an email that made my day: I discovered that my blog, still written only in italian, had reached a talented goldsmith and jewelry designer in Israel, such a far and different country – marked by a difficult historical and cultural situation. I was so happy to receive compliments for my work with the blog and after chatting online with Galit (who is also my age) I asked her to tell me more about her project.

FORMA in an independent brand of contemporary jewelery, characterized by a geometric and clean style. All the rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces created by Galit take inspiration from the nature, from the urban landscapes and from mechanisms, mixing bold shapes and raw elements with minimal ones. Each piece is hand made in Israel with on meticulous design and high attention to detail.

I love the word FORMA as this is the Latin word for form which I found to be the most significant in my designs Galit Barak, jewelry designer di FORMA


And then… the best surprise: a FORMA ring just for me! I’ve never done it before, but I decided to show it to you with some pictures. Do you like them?

The ring I’m wearing is called Gold Rock Ring // Slim and is made with golden nuggets faceted and decorated with a rough texture. Clearly inspired by nature and designed as a row of rough stones, it is hand carved and it is also available in Silver and Black variants, even with a greater thickness.Francesca-Basile-Sterlizie-Blog-Anello-the-FormaAnd it’s not all: the Online Shop of FORMA jewelry is full of new stuff from the most recent collection! Galit is very sweet and professional and I am sure you will love her too. I can not tell you how happy I am to carry with me every day the fruits of her creativity and to have the opportunity to tell you the story of another young talent on Sterlizie. As I always say… share the love!

>> Photo by Giulia Signorotto©

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