Francesco Ballestrazzi hats: beyond imagination

Francesco Ballestrazzi hatsI met Francesco Ballestrazzi at an event in Milan, a few months ago. I saw that hat with long bunny ears and I was thunderstruck: I immediately wanted to shake hands with it’s maker! Francesco, born in 1982 in Carpi (near Modena), produces each piece of its collections personally and by hand. It is true Italian craftsmanship of a tradition, that of millinery, which more than others need new talents to innovate and bring up our national flag in the world.

Francesco Ballestrazzi is already succeeding, since in 2011 he launched the eponymous brand immediately making his mark for the incredible creativity and originality that distinguishes forms and techniques of his hats.

[watch the gallery: the post continues below] Feather headpiece ballestrazzicappello con orecchieFrancesco Ballestrazzi stella gialla Francesco Ballestrazzi primavera 2015 pink feathers cap cap Francesco Ballestrazzi corona di fiori ballestrazzi cartoon flowers headpiece bird headpiece copricapo piume ss15 cap stars ballestrazzi Francesco Ballestrazzi ss15 Actually, let’s face it, call them hats is definitely an understatement. It is more like “accesssories for your head”, that come to life from the shape of the head, leaving behind the common idea of hats and becoming the visual expression of the dreams and inspirations of the designer.

Francesco Ballestrazzi hats SS15: DayDream

Not surprisingly, the collection of hats and accessories Francesco Ballestrazzi SS15 is called DayDream: a spring explosion of colors and shapes recalling the Disney imaginary, including stars, wreaths and magical animals – who does not worship the unicorns?cappello unicorno rosa ballestrazzipettinino con stelleFarfalla copricapoCaps, decorated headbands, combs and yes, even him: the hat-rabbit I mentioned at the beginning.

Amazing #bunny #hat by @francescoballestrazzi crazy and lovely! #sterlizieblog #youngtalents #rabbit

Una foto pubblicata da Francesca (@francescabasile) in data:

It’s a daring yet disarming Aesthetic considering its purity: yet I can not help thinking that there is some hidden message among the idyllic figures and the pastel tones. Maybe an invitation to jump into the rabbit hole?rabbit headpieceWhether you are openly imaginative enough to include a work of Ballestrazzi in your wardrobe or not, I’m sure that – like me – you will not resist the idea of sharing the beauty and freshness of these creations with those who will appreciate them: on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter or whereever you want. Just spread the word!

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