Handmade italian hats by Atelier Carlotta Sadino

Atelier Carlotta Sadino Handmade italian hatsCan hats have a soul? Yes, it’s possible, when experience and passion guide the hand of a young designer away from the patterns of the industrialized fashion. This is the case of Atelier Carlotta Sadino, which since 2011 creates beautiful handmade italian hats suspended in time between a “retro past” and a future voted to search.

Carlotta Sadino, born in 1985 (and milanese like me), has decided to dive into the multicultural life in London after studying at the Istituto Marangoni in Milan. Exploring the creative urban core of the city she gained valuable experience in craftsmanship by working in several small but prestigious laboratories. Because school is not enough! It takes time and efforts on the field to learn the entire creative process of a collection.

Atelier Carlotta Sadino handmade hats Back in Italy she took a decision: to start Atelier Carlotta Sadino not only as a brand, but as the beginning of a new journey shaped in the charming atmosphere of the ancient roman town Pallanza, on Lake Maggiore. Here Carlotta creates a lab dedicated to creating unique handmade products in limited edition, following a combination of craftsmanship and design.

Atelier Carlotta Sadino UomoAtelier Carlotta Sadino headband cerchietto autunnaleMade in Italy, handmade and originality are the key words of Atelier Carlotta Sadino’s philosophy. The inspiration for her hats for men and women, and for other products such as scarves and headbands, comes at the moment of contact with the fabrics and materials. A work in progress: it’s like Carlotta does not know exactly how the piece will be shaped as long as each phase is not completely over. Isn’t it a very creative way to approach to design? I admire her for that, considering the complexity of some shapes of the final models.

Handmade Italian Hats: Atelier Carlotta Sadino fw 14-15

The collection for this fall / winter 2014-2015 is inspired by the beauty of Italy. It’s the designer’s personal tribute to evocative landscapes and monuments, that become the alter ego of each hat by Atelier Charlotte Sadino. I have selected a few of them just for you: get inspired!Atelier Carlotta Sadino Handmade italian hats cecilia cap AtelierCarlottaSadino_Cloe Hat (Large) AtelierCarlottaSadino_Lucilla Hat (Large) AtelierCarlottaSadino_Sandra Hat (Large) AtelierCarlottaSadino_Sara Hat (Large) I always say that the stories are as important as the products. In a market saturated with industrial objects, Carlotta chooses the path of independent production because her creations are designed and intended for personal, almost intimate use – and I am pretty sure that you will be aware, when you wear one of these hats.

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