Handmade underwear illustrated with magical plants: Herbarium Pernowka

Metropolis herbarium pernowka Collaboration: it’s amazing what can come from this word! Today I take you in the Czech Republic to tell you about a special couple. She creates handmade underwear and he draws the fantasies: the result is a collection that made me fall in love and I’m sure, you will like it a lot, too! Here is the story of Herbarium Pernowka.Pernowka Metropolis Garden lingerie fatta a manoPernowka Metropolis_Night Pernowka is a small independent brand whose creative studio has blossomed into a meadow full of inspiration in the Czech country in a place called Bohemian Highlands. Pernowka is the place where Margaret and her husband Lucas live and work: she designs and sews handmade underwear, while he, who’s part of the illustrator duo Tomski & Polanski, creates the patterns drawing prints, packaging, promotional images. The most recent collection is called Metropolis and the imagery that underlies it is precisely Herbarium Pernowka, an invented world of urban flowers and plants. Pernowka Metropolis Shine handmade underwearPernowka  Metropolis_Day handmade underwear All the handmade underwear products are made using only high quality fabrics including cotton, silk, wool and viscose: the models are designed first and foremost to be beautiful, functional and durable, and bring with them the added value that comes only from the care of handmade processes. Love and humility towards nature are the main inspirations that define Pernowka’s aesthetics.Packaging stuff tomsky & polansky So far I’ve shown you the models of the Metropolis collection, now enjoy below the fantastic vegetation that is its protagonist: here is the plant variety of Herbarium Pernowka!Herbarium Herbarium herbarium herbariumQuality, comfort, beauty: also a small laboratory can bring to the world the spirit of the new craftsmanship, especially thanks to the web. Rediscover nature and love for the finer things through something as intimate and different as handmade underwear. I think this could be a really great a idea for a gift – for yourself, or for someone you care.

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