LA.TE: a new platform for independent fashion designers

LA.TE di Antonella Sacchitelli

If there’s one thing I learned is that a story can make the difference. And here’s one that I couldn’t wait to tell you about: the birth of LA.TE, a new platform of services for independent fashion designers.

Let’s say something first: today (fortunately) there are more and more projects in support of young talents, most of which are sponsored by big brands, magazines and celebrities from the fashion industry. But most of them consist in a contest, a situation where the designer depends on internal and external factors that can be hardly controlled.

Antonella Sacchitelli di LA.TE e Francesca Basile, blogger di Sterlizie

Antonella di LA.TE e Francesca di Sterlizie

Now try to think out of the “system” and find out how the idea behind LA.TE, that is to create a bridge between talent and fashion industry, has a very special history and development. LA.TE is born from an idea of Antonella Sacchitelli, expert both in the communication and fashion fields and with a passion for craftsmanship and textiles rooted in DNA: her family owns and operates a laboratory for more than thirty years.Manichino con inchiostro - video LATE

Together with co-founder Paolo Trovato, Antonella came from a non-trivial question. How to combine such a heritage of Made in Italy with the extremely divergent demands of the contemporary working scene? The answer is: with the evolution of the concept of counseling into a multifunctional platform.

LA.TE produces capsule collections (in the textile laboratory of Novara), distributes them with no account sale in its network of international retailers and then keep assisting designers in the difficult path to establish their name in the market.

The birth of LA.TE seems a good sign to me not only for the daring enterprise experience, but also because it is launching a new way of making fashion among students, talents at their firsts collections and emerging brands who want to experiment. So if you are interested don’t be shy and contact Antonella now, she will captivate you with her energy. Or just spread the word to your friends in the fashion field by sharing this post!

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