Lisa Corti: gorgeous fabrics for the house and now shoes and clothes too!

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Lisa Corti is one of the most beautiful shops in Milan. Obviously I say it as Milanese but the truth is, Lisa Corti is more than just a shop: it is a Home Textile Emporium, synonymous of colors, transparency and creativity.

“Mines aren’t proper shops but little factories. In the various areas of Milan you can find sewing machines, computers and drawing tables. The reality is that my shop is a creative studio – Lisa Corti”

The space is that of a studio and a showroom at the same time where Lisa Corti imagines and creates her beautiful fabrics. Born in Asmara and raised in Ethiopia till the age of 19, she then travels to India and Africa: the World, so rich of splendors, gives her the ability to create her very own line of home-fabrics, which are hand-printed, with a taste that doesn’t follow trends but is personal and deep – a mix of traditions: Chinese, Indians and Japanese.
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For 25 years, every piece made by Lisa Corti has been unique: Mandala, carpets, duvets and blankets for a dream-like bed, Maharaja pillows, door curtains, tablecloths, colorful tapestries and a series of coordinated furniture (from oriental big sofas to beds with or without a canopy and capacious wardrobes).

In all these years, Lisa Corti has travelled “through” the fashion: she was a top model for Vogue and Bazar, she became a successful stylist and a consultant for Alcantara and others brands. Since then, she kept climbing the ladder to success and now her works are known almost worldwide (other Home Textile Emporiums can be found in Italy in Florence and Rome). But, of course, there’s still room for further development!

Lisa Corti and Tania Ercoli: clothing and shoes for the 2015-16 F/W

Lisa Corti abitiLisa Corti_garment_AW15-16_04Lisa Corti_garment_AW15-16_08Lisa Corti_garment_AW15-16_07

Garment collection for the 2015-16 fall/winter season has, as the main protagonist, the new fashion line of clothing (five models) and shoes born from the creative collaboration with Tania Ercoli. Patterns are again a must have and they play on the perfect balance between floral and geometric in a knowing matching of colors and in the application of different fabrics.
Lisa Corti Tania Ercoli scarpe 2015-1Lisa Corti Tania Ercoli scarpe 2015-1Lisa Corti Tania Ercoli scarpe 2015-2

The unique patterns of Lisa Corti are, without doubt, the main point of the shoes line too which consists of five models: Chelsea boot, derby flat, Chelsea midi, décolleté and Mary Jane.
Lisa Corti Tania Ercoli scarpe 2015-1

So, not only incredible furniture for your spaces, but also a unique style to wear every day with oriental and colonial patterns: a perfect mix between West and Indian and African influences. A fascinating world that waits to be discovered and explored!


translated by Martina Basile

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