Minimal To SS15: a collection between good and evil

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A fashion based on needs and not on trends. Is this possible today? Yes, it is! Amongst the heralds of this philosophy we find Minimal To SS15, a fresh brand founded in Turin in 2011 that relies on careful design using technical and natural materials with a strictly handmade production – also in the printing process.

What is most striking in Minimal to SS15 collection is the duality of color and structure of the models.“We all have in ourselves both paradise and hell”: this statement is at the roots of a philosophy divided between light and dark – with reference to the Dantesque Comedy and more widely to the fight between good and evil. The symbol of this struggle between the great forces is the white dove attacked by a crow that often occurs in the Minimal To SS15.

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Nei volumi che si sovrappongono troviamo tessuti naturali come plissé di garza, cotone-raffia e magliera, abbinati a materiali più tecnici e urban, come il nylon, la pelle e la gomma spalmata. Nelle stampe troviamo la sperimentazione di tecniche come la serigrafia a mano e la stampa all-over.

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Another noticeable detail is that skin is exposed at strategic points, thanks to the crop top leaving the back naked and thanks to the long skirts, with transparency all along the body. The high contrast of black and white is sometimes interrupted by more dusty shades like turquoise, cream and powder pink. An interesting variation from the amazing – but sometimes too much used – total black look.

This is definitely an easy-to-wear collection that can be reinterpreted for different situations. Even for me, that I usually choose richer and more colorful aesthetics, for Minimal To there is a thumb up!

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