Oscar Mamooi for Celebration: Sunglasses inspired by Anna Piaggi

Occhiali-Mojito-CelebrationSome projects simply go beyond the result that identifies them to our eyes: what matters most is sometimes even the story, the intent, the magic behind it. This, I assure you, is the case of the series of which I’ll tell you today: Oscar Mamooi for Celebration, colorful glasses inspired by the great Italian fashion journalist Anna Piaggi.
Oscar Mamooi for Celebration Celebration is not exactly a brand: it is a project of design eyewear whose creators are actors, writers, poets and artists that draw frames seeking uniqueness and originality. The name is therefore the meeting between celebrity and collaboration while, literally, it is a celebration of style, taste, fashion – through madness, authenticity, diversification.

Oscar Mamooi e Anna Piaggi illustrati da Oscar Mamooi

Anna Piaggi e Oscar Mamooi, illustrati da Oscar Mamooi

The current collection Oscar Mamooi for Celebration is inspired by Anna Piaggi, legend and icon of fashion journalism in the world. Born in Milan in 1931 and passed away in 2012, she was a journalist, fashion consultant and trend setter of immense talent. She loved clothes – they say she had more than two thousand – and she never appeared in public with the same one. She worked first as translator for the publishing house Mondadori, then she served as Editor at Large for Condé Nast, writing for magazines like Vogue Italy and, since 1980, she headed the new project of the avant-garde magazine Vanity.Oscar Mamooi per Celebration 2Oscar Mamooi for CelebrationOscar Mamooi per Celebration 2 Exuberant, unique and eclectic, Anna Piaggi accounted for Oscar Mamooi more of an icon: an obsession almost. He, Neapolitan by birth, is an illustrator, artist and costume designer. He moved to Milan in search of a sparkling world able to bring out and freely express his creativity. Histrionic Door Selector of the famous Club Plastic (you do not need any introduction, right?), Oscar today primarily focuses his career on graphic design and fashion illustration.Occhiali-celebration-COLORI

What else: let yourself be inspired by the colorful fantasies of Oscar Mamooi for Celebration sunglasses, and start the year in the name of freedom of expression and originality!

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