Saught: design jewelry from landmines

Egg Ring SaughtThis post that I am now writing has just become my favorite article ever on Sterlizie blog. I know it from the start and it could not be otherwise: in one story I tell you about beautiful objects of design, about sustainable development and about an international community focused on peace and awareness. Saught is a project that makes possibile to create design jewelry from landmines.

Saught is a project for peace. The word comes from Middle English and means “reconciliation” including the process leading up to it (the “agreement”).

Sminamento in CambogiaEverything starts from Cambodia, but the idea is suitable for any country affected by conflict. The civil and international wars, over the horror they bring, leave on the territory the problem of  landmines and unexploded ordnance, scattered all across the country. This represents a serious obstacle for civilians to rebuild their lives, because the ground is not suitable for agriculture.Mine antiuomo in Cambogia Saught is social business that through a well-coordinated network allows the creation of products such as jewelry from land mines, cleaning up the area, creating jobs and supporting the process towards sustainability of post-conflict countries.Workshop SaughtThe claim of this wonderful initiative is “by PeaceMakers, for PeaceLovers”. The project involves Cambodian and international organizations for demining (which provide the metals), schools of art and design from all other the world (who creates the concept of the jewels) and craftsmen from the workshops of Saught partners in Cambodia (who create materially the jewels, earning an income and improving their skills).

All the jewels of the international community of Saught are meant to convey a meaningful story: each piece represents a cause, the community that has supported its creation and the collaboration behind it.Saught gioielli da mine antiuomo That’s why even the final recipients, the customers, are invited to become ambassadors of the message of peace through these jewels: profits are reinvested to help other countries affected by war in their efforts towards development. So please, take my advice seriously: visit Saught online Shop, be amazed by the beauty of this creations and be part of something useful and great.

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