Savage Beauty: the great exhibition on Alexander McQueen goes to London

savage beauty V&A Museum London
This is a great period for exhibitions related to fashion: Jean Paul Gaultier in Paris (“From the sidewalk to the catwalk, at Gran Palais)“, Gianfranco Ferrè in Milan (“La camicia bianca secondo me“, at Palazzo Reale), but above all the long-awaited and acclaimed exhibition to celebrate Alexander McQueen’s career and genius. “Savage Beauty” has just opened in London at Victoria & Albert Museum, following the resounding success (it was the most visited fashion exhibition ever) of that of 2011 at Met in New York.

A dress encrusted with razor clam shells from the Voss spring:summer 2001 collectionflower dress mcqueen london getty images

If there is a trip I would do immediately is to London, just to see this magnificent and intense exposure: a sort of “homecoming” in memory of the British designer who more than anyone else has eluded the boundaries between fashion and art, with an aesthetic approach so unique as to remain in history.

savage beauty

McQueen’s clothes, including feathers and inspirations from the world of animals and nature, sculptural lines, strokes of genius outside of the rules, are collected in a selection that ranges from 1992 (the year of his graduation) until the incomplete collection AW 2010, and they are presented with a series of set designs that are worthy of that dramatic sense of the show that made of his catwalks so unique experiences.

Alexander McQueen Portrait

You’ve got to know the rules to break them. That’s what I’m here for, to demolish the rules but to keep the tradition.
Alexander McQueen


Claire Wilcox, curator of this edition of the exhibition, has woked along with the curator of the original Savage Beauty in NY, Andrew Bolton to further develop the show, dedicating it more space in order to give the public the sense of time of McQueen’s creations. The efforts behind the event have been great:

“We have been repairing garments and dressing figures since autumn,” she [Claire Wilcox] confided. “We have treated his work with respect and understanding in every way. We need up to seven people to move just one piece. After all, we view this exhibition as a historical survey of a career.” (via BOF)

alexander-mcqueen-savage-beauty-v (Anthony Harvey:Getty Images) Anthony Harvey:Getty Images) alexander-mcqueen-savage-beauty-v alexander-mcqueen exhibition (Anthony Harvey:Getty Images) mcqueen Savage beauty (Anthony Harvey:Getty Images) (Anthony Harvey:Getty Images) A creation from the autumn:winter 2010 collection(Leon Neal:AFP) Earrings and a nosebar from the Irere spring:summer 2003 collection Creations from the Eshu autumn:winter 2000 collection (Leon Neal:AFP) Suzanne Plunkett:Reuters Anthony Harvey:Getty Images alexander-mcqueen-savage-beauty-(Suzanne Plunkett:Reuters) alexander-mcqueen-savage-beauty-Leon Neal:AFP 2 alexander-mcqueen-savage-beauty-Leon Neal:AFP
I wish you to go to London in the next months (Savage Beauty lasts until August 2, 2015) to let yourself be inspired by this extraordinary union of fashion and art. Alternatively, you just need to enjoy the gallery in this post and share online such a savage beauty!

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