SuperDuper Hats FW15-16: hats of excellence for him and for her

Super Duper Hats fw1516 fashion illustration Rosaria Degennaro per Sterlizie blog

Super Duper Hats fw1516 fashion illustration Rosaria Degennaro per Sterlizie blog

If you are a Sterlizie follower or you keep an eye on the world of rising designers, you should probably already know the brand that in the last three years has been the representative in the creation of high quality Italian hats: I’m talking about SuperDuper. The men’s and women’s collections for the FW15-16 are the nth, nice demonstration that the trio composed by sisters Ilaria and Veronica Cornacchini and by Matteo Gioli, is definitely not a “will-o-the-wisp”, but a work in progress brand – a vision – of which, in my opinion, we are going to read about for a very long time.

For the occasion, I sought the help of the illustrator Rosaria Degennario (who’s pencil had already been borrowed by Sterlizie) who, taking inspiration from the models of the SuperDuper Hats FW15-16 collection, created the amazing image that appears in this post.

SuperDuper Hats FW15-16 – women collection

The woman collection of SuperDuper Hats FW15-16 takes inspiration from Kandinsky’s lyric abstract art. Kandinsky (1886 – 1944) thought that colors can have a psychic effect due to the spiritual vibration through which colors reach the soul.

SuperDuper Hats fw15-16 cappelli donnaSuperDuper Hats fw15-16 cappelli donnaSuperDuper Hats fw1516-6

For SuperDuper designers, this is the way in which the hat becomes the means to spread an emotion through the color that defines its shape. The abstract art is then reminded in the new hybrid models that are born from the fusion of the traditional felt hat with the angora beanie.

Furry ribbons made of silk embrace the felts, shiny fabrics intertwine with the knots of the turbans through metallic shades. Materials: black leather, hide, “thorny” fabrics.

SuperDuper Hats fw1516-8SuperDuper Hats fw15-16 cappelli donna

The colors for the collection change from absolute black to the energy of the Bordeaux red, touching the depth of the blue, the calm of the aqua green and the stillness of silver. The new woman by SuperDuper dresses of a beauty as ephemeral as the grandeur of the color; like a haze that embrace and blur the shape.

SuperDuper Hats fw1516-1SuperDuper Hats fw1516-7

SuperDuper Hats FW15-16 – men collection

For men, the mood is different: the collection, named “The Hook”, takes inspiration from the figure of the boxer. Not a tribute to boxing, but to the man who, outside the ring, wore the hat to hide the bruises and the scars.
SuperDuper Hats cappelli Uomo fw15-16 SuperDuper Hats cappelli Uomo fw15-16 SuperDuper Hats cappelli Uomo fw15-16 SuperDuper Hats cappelli Uomo fw1516-8

For this collection, the chromatic selection become more sober and radical with colors like dove-gray, cement, black and “testa di moro” (a dark shade of brown).

Details are essential and the brims are hemmed with ribbons as thick as the ones boxers used to wrap on their hands. The caps, made of heavy (?) wools, have a peculiar tear near the end of the peak as if it was a scar. Fil rouge of the collection is a creased elegance, never over the top, full of suggestions and dignity of someone who can stand up again after a fall, on the ring as in life.

Translated by Martina Basile

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