The 12 project: a creative and ambitious fashion project

The 12 Project fashion films, editorials, models

One of the most interesting projects that caught my eyes during this 2015 starts in Paris. Essentially, it reunites all the themes that I cherish the most and that, I’m sure, excite all of you too: art, beauty, video making, photography, a creative process and, of course, the time passing by. I’m really excited to present you The 12 Project.

The 12 Project Paris

The 12 Project

12 Months, 12 Fashion Films, 12 Editorials, 12 Fashion Designers, 12 Models, 12 Themes.

The 12 Project is not just another fashion project. It tells of art and passion, and of the world we live in. Fashion, in its most creative expression, it’s the cornerstone: the selected collections from various fashion designers are showcased with short movies and editorials specifically. Internet is the designed channel for the diffusion of the project: democratic and free, it calls the final consumer to action too. Action that translates itself into comments, being them positive or negative: each month is dedicated to a theme around which everything develops and that is presented with a specific symbolic message.

Everything has started just a few months ago. This is what happened since then, theme after theme!

1. March / The Woman. Video: Born

Born Editoriale

2. April / The Senses. Video: Narcissus Narcissus Editoriale

3. May / The Politics. Video: Live. Live editoriale

4. June / The Beauty. Video: Kuleshov Kuleshov Editoriale

In each link you can find the credits for models, fashion designers (let your curiosity guide you, it will be worth it) and professionals who had worked at the realization of the various projects.

Obviously, an ambitious concept is in need of a united, creative and…equally ambitious team. A team led by a goal: at the end of the 12 months, the 12 films will be edited together to create one fashion movie of 12 minutes. Together with the editorials, the final project will be showcased at various Fashion and Video Art Festivals all around the world and at a special exhibition – of which details we still don’t know much – on March 2016.

Now, please keep attention because I have big news for you. From July onward, as an exclusive in Italy and simultaneously with The 12 Project, I will publish the videos and the editorials (that are released a week after the videos) here on Sterlizie. Just a few days left and we will talk about love. I won’t say more for now! #the12project #staytuned 😉

 Translated by Martina Basile

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