The Flying Jacket by Andrea Folgosa is now on Kickstarter: help this dream come true!

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Who said that independent fashion brands are only made by “young” talents? Today I will tell you about Andrea Folgosa and her project “Flying Jacket”, which at this very moment on Kickstarter for a crowdfunding campaign until 29th April 2016


Andrea Folgosa Martì was born in Spain and lives in Italy, developing herself along the and industrial axis Barcellona – Milano, that vector of creativity and production that drives talent to become enterprise. Athletic from childhood, Andrea follows her outdoor calling in the world of fashion, experimenting with materials which are put to constant test by the elements. She began her career, twenty years old, in Barcelona and then matured in Milan, where for many years she worked in sportswear.


Collaborating with Aero Sekur, which produces parachutes and outer space technology, Andrea starts to approach to her personal dream: produce jackets for women who move fast and are always elegant.She designs a jacket of success and sets out on her independent path which today brings her to the Folgosa brand and the flying jacket.

Dettaglio Zip Giacca Volante
Dettaglio SpalleDettaglio PolsoIt is a model of jacket for women that combines aesthetics and practicality, pleasant to wear in every corner of the world, characterized by a unique blend of sport and fashion with elegant and feminine forms. But the peculiarity is the fabric, very innovative, high performance and sustainable: it’s called Corkshell.

If you are dynamic women and want a comfortable but stylish jacket, to use even in the city, perfect against hot and cold, wind and water, breathable and elastic, then the Flying jacket is for you! But, above all, it’s for you if you believe it is never too late to realize a dream and you think it’s an amazing thing, today, to be play an active role in the success of a project.

As I said the Kickstarter campaing will last only until 29th April 2016: the aim is to achieve the first production of this model, a starting step for the creation of an entire capsule collection of “Flying Jackets”. So if you like the idea, then Support it! Even a small contribution can make a difference.

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