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Tucson FDEZ burberry illustration

Politics is fashion future; at least it’s what Tucson Fernandez believes: he’s a really interesting character with whom I’ve come in contact thanks to Twitter – I follow you, you follow me, ah, how I love the net.

Tucson lives in Barcelona and, even though he has a degree in Political Science, he worked for many years in the fashion world, arriving at a conclusion that can be really surprising for the most of us: politics and fashion function in the same way.

I’m probably the only one that is making jokes about fashion, the way I’m doing it. I don’t see myself as a cartoonist, I just want to mix the un-mixable and be able to communicate serious ideas through banal fashion. Why I am doing it? Well I have a huge experience in the fashion field designing shops and window decorations, and you know, I got bored, everything had to be polite and boring, so now I have some time to decorate and style my own ideas, people seem to like them.

Join the romantic army

Join the romantic army

tucson Fernandez optical-prints

Optical Prints



fashion illustration patchwork

I love patchwork, I am patchwork

Tucson Fernandez winter-is-coming

Autumn/Winter is coming


Eye Shadow


Mop Bag

Tucson Fernandez’s illustrations are the most ironic, creative and often…politically incorrect that I had the pleasure to discover in the past months. Politics of Fashion is the name of the blog where he publishes his illustrations: I strongly advise you to list it in your favorites!


translated by Martina Basile

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